About Us

“A school can be a model
of what we want to do in the world.”
-David Orr

Imagine if a large focus of “school” time allowed students and teachers the opportunity to step out into the world and go to work...

It is a proven fact students and their teachers work harder and learn more when they are given the opportunity to make a real difference beyond the limitations of the classroom and grade book. There are many schools doing GOOD work and it is time to share and through sharing build momentum to help others believe that putting schools to work might just be the solution for saving our communities. At the periphery, where change often begins, we are inviting you to gather to witness one such model of leadership in education and celebrate schools making a difference everywhere.

It is our goal to encourage delegations from schools and organizations with diverse backgrounds to come and share their stories of how they have made a difference for their communities. Below are some example stories of where young people are acting as agents of change. To apply, delegations should submit abstracts about what they are doing to contribute to the GOOD work of their institution. At the conference delegations will have the opportunity to present their work in a symposiumtype fashion using any type of conventional or multi-media tools.